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Global Esports bench hellf; accuses VLT antidote of poaching

Global Esports have decided to bench hellfightR with immediate effect while accusing VLT Gaming star Antidote of a poaching attempt.

The rising Valorant scene in India is set to have its own set of roster drama or so it seems. Global Esports have decided to bench Sagnik ‘hellfightR’ Roy from the active Valorant lineup with immediate effect, just a couple of days after announcing their roster.

GE CEO Rushindra Sinha clarified the organization’s reasoning behind the benching. According to Rushindra, hellff revealed his intention to leave for VLT Gaming just days after having signed up for Global Esports.

This, as he iterates, is a direct attempt of poaching from VLT star Sabyasachi ‘Antidote‘ Bose. While the two players have called it a mutual decision between the players themselves, the Indian Esports scene must not remain oblivious to the obligations that are attached to signing a contract.

Rushindra further exclaimed that he expects VLT Gaming to join hands in improving the situation surrounding contractual obligations in the Indian Esports scene.

The attempt at a move for hellff suggests that the player is likely to be brought in for Vibhor ‘Vibhor’ Vaid, with hellff also proficient with Cypher.

Rushindra further states that hellff wasn’t the only player that was contacted over a potential move. However, it seems the former CSGO pro is the only one that agreed to it.

It is high time the Indian esports world recognizes the ethics behind contracts and dealings and treat it more valuable than just a piece of paper.

You can find Rushindra’s statement attached herein –

It’s high time players learn a little ethics when it comes to behaving professionally.

Within weeks of signing with us Sagnik Roy aka Hellf has decided he wants to break his contractual obligations to join VLT after being approached by Sabyasachi aka Antidote to join VLT. Hellf wasn’t the only player that was approached by our competitor but the only one they managed to convince. While both players maintain that the decision was mutual and not a case of poaching this is still something that needs to be addressed as an issue within the esports community in India

We are officially announcing the benching of HellF until further notice and urge the entire community to start treating this as the job that it is. They are getting a salary and an opportunity to represent an org as well as their country.

This is also a lesson to all players to stop poaching and / or making any other breach of terms or services with the organization. If we want the ecosystem to grow we must adhere to the system that encourages systematic transfers/loans/buyouts/trades to ensure all the parties involved benefit from it. This has been a long standing issue with organizations in the past and I think it’s high time everyone steps up. Including us. It is imperative that the few sponsored orgs of this region work hand in hand to avoid such exploitation by the players.

@vlt.sentinel expecting better from all of our players in the future & us. While we are sure you do not encourage this unethical move by any player, we request you to look into this and take necessary action, we would like to resolve this the proper way and are hoping you work with us on this.

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