News channel uses GTA V gameplay footage to portray crime scene

During a live report, a Pakistani news channel used in-game footage from popular video game GTA V to explain what went down in the crime scene.

gta v

What’s the best way to explain a series of grand theft autos when you don’t have the actual footage of any of the crime scenes? Turns out, the answer might be lying in a video game.

A news channel from Pakistan named ‘Samaa TV’ used in-game recordings from the video game GTA V to explain a series of automobile hijackings that went down in the country.

For the unaware, Grand Theft Auto 5 is an insanely popular action-adventure title developed by Rockstar Games. The game not only boasts extremely realistic graphics, but it allows players to simulate crimes like motor vehicle thefts. These factors make GTA V seem like a decent choice for portraying an actual crime scene in case the actual footage isn’t available. Not to mention it also spares the cost of animating the scene.

The clip that has surfaced on social media shows a reporter explaining what went down in the crime scene while the news channel showed GTA V clips in the background to help viewers visualize the situation.

Last time, a regional news channel in the state of Odisha with Counter-Strike:Global Offensive title song being played in the background. The gaming community in India was ridiculed at first. However, as the clip attracted more users, people were bizarrely overwhelmed.

The television cable channel was spreading awareness concerning COVID-19 pandemic.

Regardless of what your opinion stands on news channels using video game clips to explain crimes, you can’t possibly deny the uniqueness behind this idea which the editors came up with.