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New Valorant agent Skye gameplay leaked

Details of the upcoming Valorant Act3 have recently been revealed by Riot. While a lot of changes are underway, what garnered the most attention from fans was perhaps the newly announced agent.

While Riot’s blog contained a picture of this new agent, finer details like her name or her skillset weren’t publicly revealed. However, that didn’t stop dataminers on Twitter to dig up some game files in search of the upcoming agent’s abilities.

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It wasn’t long before her skills were eventually leaked. The new agent, whose name is expected to be Skye, will pack a skillset of utilities to give her team the upper hand when taking parts of the map. Here’s what the leaks suggest about her abilities:

No description available.

Judging by the abilities’ descriptions, it’s obvious that Skye would prove to be an invaluable asset for any team. Her AoE heal can turn the tides of any round while her scouting abilities can ensure easy entry kills towards any site, with a decent ultimate to top it off. Here an in-game demonstration of her abilities, posted by Valorant Leaks on Twitter:


The date of the arrival of Skye is scheduled to be on October 27th, two weeks after the Act 3 update on October 13th. Other than the new agent, the Act 3 update is also set to bring a new map named Icebox to the competitive shooter, the snow-themed map is something that the fans will surely be looking forward to.

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