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Icebox Valorant’s new map is here

Valorant has revealed the real picture behind the teaser that hinted at a new introduction for Act III. The developers have revealed Icebox as a new map, thus making it the fifth map of the entire Valorant pool.

Based in a cold environment, the reveal talks about taking on the Tundra, which is apt since the word ‘Tundra’ refers to a land mass where tree growth is severely hindered due to low temperatures. The hints given to us earlier were in Russian and that also ties in well with the entire reveal, since the word ‘Tundra’ has its origins in the Russian language.

Some people have already drawn early comparisons between Icebox and csgo map Subzero. A similar thing happened when Ascent was released, with users comparing it with the popular csgo map Cache.

With Act III set to bring in changes to competitive, it will be interesting to see how users take to the Icebox.

Pranav Nalawade
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