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TV news channel in India spreading awareness about COVID-19 with CSGO theme song in background

A regional news channel in Indian state of Odisha was playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive title song while broadcasting a news sequel on spreading awareness regarding COVID-19.


Valve Corporation’s leading multiplayer first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a delight to the core. The game boasts of the perky and highly competitive professional scene. While the game is setting new highs in terms of concurrent users each week, its title song is trending in India for eccentric reasons.

Video Credits: Deep Prabhat Tirkey

A clip recently surfaced in the Indian sub-continent from a regional news channel in the state of Odisha with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive title song being played in the background. The gaming community in India was ridiculed at first. However, as the clip attracted more users, people were brizarrely overwhelmed.

The television cable channel was spreading awareness concerning COVID-19 pandemic. Until today, Coronavirus has affected 11,81825 and reported 63,902 fatalities. While India has recorded 3,072 cases and 75 deaths. The pandemic might have forced half the world into lockdown, the gamers no matter what have a tendency to sit in front of their monitors.

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