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Valorant Rankings and Badges explained

Rank badges and their names for Valorant has been revealed by Riot Games, they look pretty cool and provide a lot of meaningful reasons to progress at the game. Time to check them out.

Riot’s upcoming Project A aka Valorant is the most awaited tactical FPS game of 2020. The closed beta for Valorant is set to release on 7th of April and the fans and players worldwide are eagerly waiting to try their hands on the game.

valorant system requirements

Before the closed beta comes out, famous streamers and influencers from platforms like YouTube and Twitch were given the chance to showcase the gameplay for Valorant on 3rd of April, thereby revealing a lot of information about the game before its release

Earlier this week, the badges and rank names for different stages in the ranking mode of Valorant were revealed by Riot Games. At first glance, Valorant’s ranked mode looked a bit similar to that of Overwatch. Valorant will come with a total of 7 different ranks, starting from the lowest at the start of the season players will have to work their way up to higher rankings and to get better titles. The ranks are named as follows (from lowest to highest):

• Mercenary
• Soldier
• Veteran
• Hero
• Legend
• Mythic
• Immortal

Somewhat similar to Riot’s League of Legends, each rank has three different divisions that you need to progress through so as to move to the next rank. Unlike League, the top ranks in Valorant will still have different divisions for players to grind through. It makes total sense that the ranking system of Valorant is similar to that of League of Legends as both the games belong to the same company. Also, in the beginning of Valorant players will have to play a set amount of placement games which will determine the starting rank of that player.

MMR is also going to be crucial in Valorant, however, nothing has been revealed about it in detail so far. We are assuming that it will have to do something with the Win/Loss ratio of a player. We feel like Riot Games is trying to set up a foundation for the competitive scene for Valorant through this ranking system and other important aspects of a FPS tactical game (and if we take their game League of Legends as an example, we can clearly see that they are pretty good at it). You can check out this article so as to how you can play the game as soon as the closed beta comes out.

Anuj Rautela
Anuj Rautelahttp://www.talkesport.com
Anuj "BLaSToiS3" Rautela, a MOBA-esports player, played competitively in Arena of Valor, creator of the team "ExDee Gaming" which represented India at Asian Games 2018. A true fitness-freak! & loves to create content; coding when bored.


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