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Valorant Masters Copenhagen Playoffs Schedule and Fixtures

The Group Stage of Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen concluded last night with Optic Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix defeating their contemporaries to qualify for the Playoffs. 

VCT Masters Copenhagen Group Stage was arguably one of the most competitive International Valorant Tournaments. Seven of the ten matches played went the distance and had six overtimes.

Out of the eight teams, Optic Gaming, Guild Esports, FunPlus Phoenix, LOUD, KRU Esports, XERXIA esports, DRX and Northeption, Only Guild Esports, DRX, FunPlus Phoenix and Optic Gaming defeated their contemporaries and qualified for the Playoffs. 

Four teams, Fnatic, XSET, Leviatan and Paper Rex, were already part of the group stage, and the draws decided the Playoff fixtures before the final day of the group stage. 

The fixtures were as follows:

  • Paper Rex (APAC #1) vs Guild Esports (Group A #1)
  • XSET (NA #2) vs Optic Gaming (Group A #2)
  • Leviatan (LATAM #1) and DRX (Group B #1)
  • Fnatic (EMEA #1) vs FunPlus Phoenix (Group B #2)

 The Playoffs are all set to kick off today with the APAC Champions Paper Rex taking on the Group A winner Guild Esports. The format is a double elimination bracket, which means a team gets a buffer of one loss while getting a better chance one needs to win the opening match. 

Guild Esports qualified from Group A after defeating Optic Gaming in their opening match and then defeating KRU Esports to make it to the playoffs. 

The second match today would be Fnatic taking on FPX. 

Fnatic has been a force to reckon with in the EMEA Qualifiers. At the same time, FPX, with Shao’s dominance, managed to qualify for the group stage after beating the Japanese Northeption. 

The third quarterfinal would be between DRX and Leviatan. Leviatan needs to make a deeper run in the tournament for a chance for Valorant Champions. DRX were terrific in the group stage and qualified by beating FPX and Northeption with relative ease. 

The final would be a showdown between the North American representative with Optic Gaming, aiming to exact revenge on XSET for the NA Challengers’ loss. 

The complete schedule for VCT Masters Copenhagen is as follows:

  • 14th July 17:30 CEST – Paper Rex vs Guild Esports
  • 14th July 20:00 CEST – Fnatic vs FPX 
  • 15th July 17:30 CEST – Leviatan vs DRX
  • 15th July 20:00 CEST – XSET vs Optic Gaming
  • 16th July 17:30 CEST – Loser(Paper Rex vs Guild Esports) vs Loser (Fnatic vs FPX )
  • 16th July 20:00 CEST – Loser(Leviatan vs DRX) vs Loser (XSET vs Optic Gaming) 
  • 17th July 17:30 CEST – Winner(Paper Rex vs Guild Esports) vs Winner (Fnatic vs FPX)
  • 17th July 20:00 CEST – Winner(Leviatan vs DRX) vs Winner (XSET vs Optic Gaming)
  • 18th July 17:30 CEST – Lower Bracket Round 2 
  • 18th July 20:00 CEST – Lower Bracket Round 2
  • 22nd July – Upper Finals & Lower Semifinals
  • 23rd July 17:00 CEST – Lower Final
  • 24th July 17:00 CEST – Grand Finals

All the matches would be best of thee, with the Lower finals and the Grand Finals being the exception where teams would play five maps. 

The event will also feature a live audience for the last three days and will be held at Forum Arena in Copenhagen. 

You can read about the results, format and schedule for the tournament, venue, ticketing, and the teams participating and where to watch the stream here. 

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