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Optic and FPX qualify for Valorant Masters Copenhagen Playoffs

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On the fourth day of the Valorant Champions Tour Masters, Copenhagen decider games concluded with FunPlus Phoenix taking on Northeption and KRU esports taking Optic Gaming.

The Summary of the last day of Group Stage:

  • FunPlus Phoenix 2-0 Northeption
  • KRU Esports 0-2 Optic Gaming

The first game of the day had FPX, who had yesterday lost to DRX, taking on The winners of the group B elimination match Northeption. 

The maps chosen were Fracture by Northeption, Ascent by FPX, and the decider on Breeze. 

Fracture started with FPX on attack starting well, winning four rounds out of the first five, But Northeption displayed resilience on defense, limiting FPX on seven rounds despite a strong start for FPX.

The second half started in Northeption’s favor, but FPX managed to completely shut down Northeptions attempt to win the Northeption map pick 13-9.

FPX’s map pick of Ascent started with both teams exchanging rounds, with the score being 2-3 in the first five rounds. 

FPX then managed to win the next seven rounds consecutively to win the half 9-3. 

Northeption in the second half started well on offense and won the first four rounds, but then FPX pulled themselves together and pushed back to northeption, winning the map 13-9 and the series 2-0. 

With this, FPX has qualified for the Group stage and would face Fnatic the day after. While Northeption has done for the season as Zeta Division’s deep run has secured them Valorant Champions. 

The final group stage match was between KRU esports and Optic Gaming, where KRU lost to Guild Esports, and Optic Gaming defeated LOUD to play the decider. 

Optic chose to play Split for the series, and KRU picked Haven and Bind as the decider. 

Optic Split started with KRU defending strong, and Optic had trouble getting into the sites. KRU won six out of the first eight rounds, but Optic fought back, winning three out of the next four to close the half 7-5 in KRU’s favor.

The second half was nothing but domination from Optic, with them completely shutting down KRU’s attack, winning eight rounds in a row to win the game 13-7. 

The domination continued for the Optic, with them winning the first half of haven 10-2 despite losing the pistol round KRU in the second half tried winning some rounds, but it was too late, and Optic had already been too far gone and won the map 13-6 and the series 2-0. 

With this victory, Optic Gaming secured Playoffs and would face XSET tomorrow.

The playoffs will kick off tomorrow. You can read about the fixtures here

You can read about the results, format and schedule for the tournament, venue, ticketing, and the teams participating and where to watch the stream here. 

Read about the latest patch, latest map, professional scene, and more.. 

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