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Valorant : All you need to know about the upcoming 3.10 patch update


Riot Games is set to deploy the 3.10 patch update into their first person tactical shooter Valorant which will introduce Chamber, a sentinel joining the ranks of their agents roster.

So far the 3.09 patch has been a blast for the Valorant community which saw several new weapon cosmetics been introduced in the game including a seasonal and a special battle pass, the latter powered by RiotX Arcane, an event held to commemorate the launch of Riot’s first-ever animated web series on Netflix, Arcane. The said event is currently live and will run throughout November 22.

With the 3.10 patch on the horizon, here is the list of changes that you can expect ahead of the former’s launch.

Agent Chamber

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Riot had earlier revealed Chamber to be a part of the Episode 3 Act 3 but was later rescheduled to be made available two weeks ahead of the launch of the ongoing act.

“As development progressed on the new Agent, it was clear to us that they were not at the quality bar you’ve come to expect from us. It’s why we’ve opted to hold the Agent for an additional two weeks, while we work on polishing up those final aspects. Sometimes the last 10% of work really brings together the previous 90% of work.” Stated John Goscicki, VALORANT character producer in a press release.

Chamber is set to be a Sentinel agent with an arsenal of new weapons at his disposal. He also possesses a skill set that’ll enable him to hold down bombsites or take entry kills relatively easily, making him a great addition to any Valorant lineup.

New Skin Bundle

The 3.09 patch saw RADIANT CRISIS 001 and the Arcane Collector’s Set getting added to the cosmetic collection of the game. According to the leaks by popular Valorant data miner ‘Valor Leaks’ on Twitter, the new Magepunk 2.0 bundle is set to be introduced as a part of the upcoming 3.10 patch. ValorLeaks further shared an image that depicts that the weapon skins would bear four variants.

Stacks in ranked games

At the start of November, Valorant through a blog update had revealed their plans of introducing 5 man stacks to the game which would allow higher-ranked players to queue in a 5 stacked lobby but would have a narrow margin upon gaining Ranked Rating from a won match, although the details of the same will come along with the 3.10 patch update.

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