How To Grind Experience in Among Us

Among Us took the early days of global lockdown by storm, given how the game was literally played by a record number of users at the time. Even though the game isn’t as talked about as it used to be, it still boasts a healthy userbase that they can be proud of.

Among Us’s Level system is a great way to figure out how much time a player has spent within the game and leveling up has certain benefits for the players to enjoy, read through to figure out how to level up fast.

To keep it short, the only way is to play a lot. Players gain experience with every game but some miss out on the Experience points gained by leaving too early once a game is over. Once a match of Among Us concludes, XP is handed out right in the end, which most players tend to miss out on.

There is no way around playing matches to level up, and duration varies from match to match which makes it even harder to predict how long can it exactly take to go reach the next level. Leveling up rewards the players with multipliers for pods if that’s the motivation for some to grind more than they usually do.