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Genshin Impact Update 2.3: Release Date, New Characters, Rise Of Christmas Cult, And More

Christmas Season is upon us and with that, the yearly Christmas Celebration events in Live-service games like Genshin Impact have started to kick off. MiHoYo is gearing up for the Christmas Season with a special event that will go live with the upcoming major update.

Recently, the developers held a livestream where they previewed the upcoming update and its content. The livestream confirmed two new characters — Arataki Itto and Gorou, cute dog rescues, a new story event, and more will be added to the game when the update releases on 24th November.

While there has been a lot of leaks and rumours about update 2.3 before, the recent livestream has directly revealed a lot of details on the game’s upcoming content patch and put off some rumours. 

The biggest take from the livestream was the introduction of the two new playable characters. Fans of the game were anticipating the arrival of both characters since the reveal of Arataki Itto by MiHoYo early last month and the leak of Gorou earlier this year. The new update will also be the first to feature two 5-star reruns featuring Albedo and Eula.

Much of the new content will take place in the snow-covered region in the Northern Hemisphere,  Dragonspine. The story event titled Shadows Amidst Snowstorms will take players back to the snowy region to conduct new investigations and participate in winter training activities throughout Dragonspine.

Players will have to fight against a new boss —  the Favonius Knights’ chief alchemist in the new limited-time story event, which will also feature rescuing cute dogs in hats. The update also adds the Golden Wolf Lord world boss as well as new domains, weapons, artifact sets, a new gadget that lets players add pets to their Serenitea pot, and more.

While MiHoYo is busy with update 2.3, some players have decided to celebrate the Christmas season in-game without waiting for the update. Players have formed the “Christmas Cult” and are flooding social media sites like Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, etc with images of their favourite characters in Dragonspine wearing Santa hats.

Users have started changing their profile pictures with characters from the game wearing the Santa cap. Even some influencers have joined them and changed their profile pictures in support of this player-made celebration. 

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