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PUBG New State reaches #1 ranking in 165 Countries

Krafton’s PUBG: New State the next-gen sequel to PUBG Mobile, was released on November 11. New State is set in a futuristic world, in the year 2051 and features a large 8km by 8km map called “Troi”.

Krafton has not only improved the game visually by adding Global Illumination, but they have also reworked the gunplay which is now further optimized for mobile devices as the developers claim that it’s an evolution of its predecessor and that the overall experience “rivals PUBG on PC.”

New State has already started making new records as the game is popular in over 165 countries. According to Kraftton CEO Chang-Han Kim, PUBG: New State has claimed the #1 spot in countries like Korea, the United States, Germany, India, and Saudi Arabia, and more. 

The highly-anticipated Battle Royale game crossed over 10 million downloads in just 2 days after its release, and 20 million downloads after 4 days, which isn’t too surprising given how the game had over 55 million pre-registrations prior to its release.

Krafton had to delay the game’s launch by two hours as players were unable to connect to the game’s server due to a large inflow of users. “For the past day, we fully acknowledge that we were not able to meet those expectations or provide a great gaming experience and wish to express our apologies.”

The company issued an apology for the unexpected delay. “Our aim is to provide a gaming experience that matches the high hopes that all of you have, and we are continuously working to make sure that we deliver in this aspect.”

PUBG: New State is available on Android and iOS.

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