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How to unlock Peacekeeper MK 2- Plasma Explosion in COD Mobile

Activision has provided a big opportunity for players to get free skins in COD Mobile at the end of season nine. A seasonal event called ‘Counter Assault’ has been added to the game and players can complete several missions to unlock free skins. The epic skin blueprint of Peacekeeper MK2 – Plasma Explosion is also up for grabs.


The developers introduce new content to the game by adding it to the seasonal event or the battle pass. This includes most of the new equipment and sometimes, players can obtain camos for free as well.

This time, a similar event is added to the game. The Counter Assault event also offers many other skins apart from the epic one. There are other events in the seasonal section which is giving away free equipment like Thumper, Flash Drone and other skins.

To obtain the epic Peacekeeper MK2 – Plasma Explosion skin, players need to complete the missions given below. They should be done in an orderly fashion to unlock the ultimate reward. The missions are as follows:

  • Play 3 BR matches
  • Deal 2000 damage in BR mode
  • Kill 3 enemies using the Class Chip in BR matches
  • Travel 1500 meters on any motorcycle in BR matches
  • Play with friends in BR matches twice
  • Kill 5 enemies with operator skills in MP Mode
  • Earn 40 medals in MP Mode

After completing these tasks, players can unlock the new MK2 – Plasma Explosion blueprint for free. Make sure to complete them as soon as possible as the season ends very soon.

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