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PUBG New State: Best Settings Guide

Krafton has launched a new game called PUBG: New State around the world. This new title is the successor of PUBG Mobile and brings in the PC experience to mobile platform with higher graphics and more immersive experience. As the game is new, some settings are quite hard to understand so here is a simple guide to get you ready to directly play the game.

As PUBG: New State is an advanced version of PUBG Mobile, some of the settings are very similar to the latter but there are a few things which might differ your experience. One of the main things is gyroscopic sensitivity is capped to a maximum of 200 in New State as compared to 300 units in PUBG Mobile.


Players need to test their sensitivities but can simply copy the rest of settings given below to kickstart their journey in PUBG: New State.

1. Basic

You can check you account details as well as change server in this tab. You might also link your social accounts like Facebook or google to the game and delete your account as well by using this tab.

2. Graphics

Make sure to keep the frame rate as high as possible. The current maximum is “Max” tab with a provision made for the “Extreme” rate. If your device lags at this settings, simply reduce it by one block each.

The graphics should always be set at Lite to provide a smooth gameplay but players with higher end devices can keep it to higher levels as well.

Frame RateMax/Ultra
Graphic QualityLite/Medium
Screen FilterStandard/ Contrast

3. Gameplay

These are the most basic settings and most of them do not need to be altered. Make sure all the toggles are set as given below:

Sound TrackerEnable
Sound Tracker with IconEnable
Blocked LoS WarningEnable
Heal Widget Instant UseEnable
Scope QuickslotEnable
TPP/FPP Switch ButtonEnable

You can alter the settings as per your own preferences.

4. Controls

We recommend the players to set their own layout and try it in the practice areas. They can also set it exactly similar to PUBG Mobile. Rest of the settings can be set as following:

ParkourCombine Jump Button
Automatically Switch to Scope Mode when peekingDisable
RollDouble tap crouch button
Scope and Shoulder ModeSeparate Buttons
Scope ModeTap/Combine

These settings can be different for each player and hence, change things like scope modes and switches as per your own choice.

Drag Controls

Camera Rotation when Dragging Peek ButtonEnable
Camera Rotation when Dragging Shoulder Mode ButtonEnable
Camera Rotation when Dragging Scope Mode Button     Enable
Aim AssistEnable
Single/Burst Mode Auto FireTouch Hold Fire Button
Auto Shoulder WeaponDisable
Shotgun Firing ModeTap
Sniper Rifle Firing ModeTap
Auto Pull PinsEnable
Horizontal Camera AccelerationEnable

5. Sensitivity

There is no such thing as perfect sensitivity. Players need to play around the numbers to find their comfort zone. They can do this simple activity to find the their own best set of sensitivities very easily:

  • Jump into practice mode or AI Mode where there will be no disturbance and take a big open spot in the map.
  • Swipe your thumb from middle part of your screen to the right edge of your phone.
  • Cover the maximum possible distance and check if your crosshair has moved by 180 degrees or not.
  • A 180 degrees turn is the standard move that everyone should be able to do to counter the enemies sneaking onto you from behind.
  • If you are covering a smaller angle than 180 degrees, try to increase your standard sensitivity and repeat the process and if you are covering a more wider angle, decrease the sensitivity.

We hope that these tips and settings will help you to play even better in PUBG: New State. As mentioned before, it is not compulsory to stick to these settings and hence, players can always change then around to find their perfect fit.

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