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SouL Mortal to take another competitive break from PUBG Mobile

Team SouL owner and IGL Naman 'Mortal' Mathur has announced his intention to take another indefinite break from the competitive PUBG Mobile scene.

PUBG Mobile may be returning to India soon, as per widespread reports and the teaser released. However, the Indian fans, especially fans of popular PUBG-Mobile team SouL, will have to wait to see Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur in action in the competitive scene.

After a hiatus that lasted for more than a quarter of 2020, PUBG-Mobile is set to return to India, with influencers and game developers themselves confirming the same.

With the return of the game, the competitive scene in PUBG-Mobile will once again be the talk of the town, especially with several Indian teams regarded as the cream of the crop when it comes to the Asian region.

One such team is Team SouL, who recently entered into a partnership with fellow PUBG-Mobile organization 8-bit to form S8uL with the aim of building a brand and a content creating giant.

The first Indian squad to become the flagbearers of the region in PUBG-Mobile struggled a bit in 2020 as fellow teams like TSM-Entity, Orange Rock and others passed them by in the proverbial Power rankings within India. The squad currently boasts of the likes of Dhruv ‘Sangwan’ Sangwan, Parv ‘ReGaLtoS’ Singh, and Yash Paresh ‘Viper’ Soni along with Mortal as part of their active squad as per Liquipedia.

The active squad though will be down to three members for now, with Mortal announcing his intention to go on another indefinite break from the competitive scene. The organization owner hinted towards some sort of involvement by stating that he would be the sixth member of the team and would be involved as a mentor for the squad for now.

2020 has already been a turbulent year for SouL fans and this update will be tough for them to digest, especially with the organization showing signs of improvement in their 2020 form after Mortal resumed his PUBG Mobile IGL duties.

With the squad down to three active members as per Liquipedia, it would be interesting to see who ends up representing the iconic PUBG-Mobile organization once the teams are allowed to resume their professional duties within the esports scene.

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