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PUBG Mobile Unban: Everything we know so far

PUBG Mobile unban is a hot topic in India since the last two months. Players are waiting eagerly to hear some good news regarding the current situation of PUBG Mobile in the country but so far, all the news have been vague and leading in various directions. So, what exactly is the current condition of PUBG Mobile ban and is there any possibility of the game getting unbanned? Let’s find out.

PUBG Mobile was banned by the IT Ministry of India on September 2nd. This ban was imposed during the escalating tension between China and India border along the LAC. This was the third ban-wave in the country where more than 100 Chinese apps alongside PUBG Mobile were banned because of user privacy issues. The official reason stated by the government was that the apps are “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, Defence of India, Security of State and Public Order.”

Impact of PUBG Mobile ban in India:

The entire player base in the country was caught off-guard due to this ban and it halted the rising mobile esports industry in India. PUBG Mobile pros were confused due to this ban and were forced to give up their invitational slots of PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia Fall Split.

The PUBG Mobile content creators were instantly having divided stances on this decision. Some demanded for the reversal of this imposition and some conveyed about their changing future plans. Famous names like Scout and Mortal were among the very first to address their fans where both of them urged their viewers to keep calm and announced their future plans in a short stream.

Impact of ban on Tencent Holdings:

Tencent faced a severe impact of this ban as their share value dropped drastically after the ban was announced. According to Reuters, “Shares of Chinese gaming and social media powerhouse Tencent fell more than 2% on Thursday after India banned 118 mobile apps, including the firm’s popular videogame PUBG.

This reportedly led Tencent to lose over $14 billion. The Chinese conglomerate faced a heavy financial backlash due to India’s decision to ban this game.

PUBG Corporation’s reaction to this ban:

One week after the ban was stated, PUBG Corporation issued a statement where they made some major changes that could be seen as the first step towards lifting this ban. PUBG Corp. severed their ties with Tencent Holdings and assumed complete control over publishing and distribution rights of PUBG Mobile in India.

They also gave assurances that pointed towards localized content and tournaments for the region. This can be compared to Game for Peace; the Chinese variant of PUBG Mobile; or PUBG Mobile Korea, which has its own local variant separated from the global version. This meant that India could get their own separate game with PUBG Corporation as the publishers.

Jio and PUBG partnership

Soon after PUBG Corporation announced about their plans for India, rumors started flying around and various news surfaced on the internet. The major news came within a week where reports suggested that PUBG Corporation were in talks with Indian telecommunication titan Jio for discussing a potential partnership. The distribution and publishing rights were on the table for this partnership but later, these rumors faded away and no further reports were published talking about the developments of this arrangement.

Moves by Indian esports organisations:

Megastars was the first Indian organization to drop their PUBG Mobile and several other teams followed the suit. Other prominent organizations in India are still waiting on their decision about the future of their PUBG Mobile rosters in India. Indian organizations named Stalwart Esports and FutureStation Gaming decided to shift their base from India to other South Asian regions to be able to compete in PMPL: South Asia Fall Split.

“PUBG Mobile Ban in India is going to be permanent”

A major news was released by InsideSport where their sources had revealed that “MeitY is in no hurry to revoke the ban on PUBG or any other banned Chinese app.” It also stated that this “mere announcement” from PUBG Corporation to severe its ties with Tencent Games in India is not enough for the ban to be revoked. The entire statement read:


Ministry Source

PUBG Corp. merger with Krafton

PUBG Corporation recently announced a merger with Krafton Inc. This merger took the entirety of PUBG Corp. under the umbrella of Krafton alongside all the distribution and development operations of the company’s famous battle-royale title PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds. This is not linked to PUBG Mobile ban or unban in India but can change a few things in the future. As mentioned above, PUBG Corp assumed full control over PUBG Mobile IP in India and now as the company itself has merged with Krafton; its parent company; there may be few changes that can take place with the PUBG Mobile publishing rights in India.

Tencent shuts down operations in India:

This was the final nail in the coffin for the PUBG Mobile story in India. Tencent finally shuts down their operations in the country which rendered PUBG Mobile inaccessible in the country. Despite the ban, most of the casual players were still enjoying the game with various third-party stores but with this announcement, PUBG Mobile servers in India have been shut down and hence, the PUBG Mobile chapter in India is entirely closed for now.

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This was the entire story of PUBG Mobile ban and its developments in the past two months. It is clear that all this information pointed in various directions and one count not easily predict if PUBG Mobile could come back in the country or not. The last piece of news is a solid lead to predict the future of PUBG Mobile in India.

Tencent has closed its operations in the country and this could lead to only two big possibilities for the future. Either the game can return in India with PUBG Corp (now Krafton) as the publishers or the PUBG Mobile book has been permanently closed for India. The final verdict is right around the corner and players can expect hear an ending to this story very soon.

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