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Mortal, Scout to play Valorant, CSGO, Fall Guys after PUBG Mobile Ban

India has banned PUBG Mobile with 117 other apps and the prominent PUBG Mobile streamers of India like Mortal and Scout were quick to react to this situation. Both of them came live as soon as the news started to spread like a wildfire. They addressed their audience regarding this issue and made few announcements regarding their future.

Scout and Mortal came live and instantly reacted to the chat spamming about the ban and calmed their audience down. Further they both stated that national security is above everything and both of them respect the decision and will not play PUBG Mobile until it gets unbanned or any official announcement is made regarding this matter.

Mortal and his announcements

Mortal came live and discussed about a lot of things with his partner and friend 8bit Thug alongside his viewers. The first thing he did was to address everybody about this ban and calming his audience down. Later, he goes on to reveal that he has big plans for his future and even if this is a big setback, he will rise again.

Mortal tells that PUBG Mobile ban only permits him to focus on his streaming career more and he will stream a variety of games in near future. He goes on to ask his audience about the games they would like to watch and then made a list about various games, from PC to mobile titles, that he will play on his stream. He also announced that he will play solo games like story mode games in the morning stream and also stream other multiplayer games including CSGO and Valorant in his regular night streams.

Revealing about his competitive career, he told that everything is on hold for now and he will enter competitive esports again if PUBG Mobile is unbanned or will potentially play Fall Guys competitively in the future.

Scout reveals his plans

Scout also started his stream in a very crucial time and guided people about the things regarding this ban. He first addressed why the ban is imposed on PUBG Mobile and went on to clarify that a nation is above everything and hence he will move on to different games if the ban is here to stay.

Scout also shared that he has downloaded Call of Duty Mobile and Free: Fire and will grind there if necessary. Scout is well-known to already stream various games from a long time. He plays various story-mode games after his regular PUBG Mobile night stream and he will continue to bring fresh content for his viewers. He already kept his word and instantly started playing VALORANT and this time, explained his audience about this game so the people unfamiliar with the game can also enjoy it.

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