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Indian Org signs PUBG Mobile team from Pakistan to compete in PMPL S2

Indian organizations sign rosters belonging to the rest of South Asia following the PUBG Mobile ban in the country.

PUBG Mobile organizations from India are taking their first step to enter back into PUBG Mobile esports. While the game remains banned in India, organizations are seeking different ways to participate in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia S2 to represent their name in the South Asian circuit.

Indian organization named Stalwart Esports has decided to opt for a different way to participate in the upcoming PMPL. The organization has signed a Pakistani powerhouse named FreeStyle and brought six players under their banner. This news effectively allows an Indian team to present itself at the tournament without any Indian player and hence, not violating any rules.

Stalwart Esports earned their seeding slot into PMPL S2: South Asia by ranking into the top four in the regional finals of PMCO: India. PMCO ended a few days before the ban and sixteen Indian teams were set to participate in PMPL.

After the ban, the tournament was completely halted and there was a big question in front of the organizations on how to compete in PMPL: SA. Recently, PUBG Mobile even announced that no Indian team will be allowed to play in PMPL, even if the roster decided to travel to another region just to play this tournament but it seems like that was not entirely the case here.

The Indian organizations posed questions to PUBG Mobile asking them if they can participate via other regions with no Indian player on-board and it seems like they received a nod of approval. Stalwart Esports will be participating in PMPL: SA with the Pakistani roster of Free Style. The team will include the following six players:

  • STEfsBlack
  • STEfsKashoof
  • STEfsMalik
  • STEfsBaba
  • STEfsMorte
  • STEfsBladeOP

A similar announcement was made by another Indian organization named FutureStation gaming. They announced a new Bangladeshi roster that will represent this Indian team on the stage and a few prominent names are seen among the list. FutureStation has acquired the following players for their PMPL: SA journey:

  • Badrev
  • Machine
  • Tammim
  • Kapshi
  • Steelshot
  • Yamin

With the announcement of these two rosters, it will be interesting to see if other popular rosters from India would follow the suit or not. If not, their earned slots will be automatically transferred to the relevant teams that participated in PMCO: South Asia and PMCO: Pakistan.

Divyesh Moghe
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