Free Fire Voucher: How To Get Diamond Voucher for free in Free Fire

Here is the detailed information about evert voucher in Free Fire and how to earn them for free.

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Free Fire is a cosmetic intensive game and while the game is an enjoyable experience itself, the skins and collections in the game take its experience to a new level. Free Fire has so many options when it comes to the in-game skins that one can personalize and customise their outfits to the highest level.

These skins are fairly easy to obtain via normal crates and drops across the games. Most of them require in-game currency like diamonds to unlock. The diamonds can be purchased by spending real life money but it is highly unlikely that every player will spend money in-game. To make the experience better for the free-to-play players, the game has its own system to reward them for their efforts.

There is a “Royale” system which is essentially a spin through which players can unlock skins. The Royale can be spinned by using various forms of currency but simplest and cheapest way to do so is by using the vouchers.

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Voucher system is implemented in Free Fire to award those who take a bit of extra effort to unlock various items the game has to offer.

Vouchers are basically tokens through which you can spin the Royale wheel mentioned above to acquire special rewards. These vouchers can be earned easily by Guild tokens and other ingame events and there are four types of vouchers that unlock rewards based on the rarity of the token. Here is a detailed explanation on every one of them:

Gold Voucher:

This is the simplest form of voucher and every player is bound to get some at one point of time. The game offers gold vouchers to players that complete simple in-game daily tasks like login and playing a few battle royale games and so on. These tokens can be used in Gold Royales to unlock the related prices. Gold vouchers are especially earned via special events, level rank-up, activity rewards, free pass and more such smaller options. Collect these vouchers and wait till your favourite skin comes on the Gold spin and then grab the bundles easily.

Weapon Royale Voucher:

These are a bit special vouchers than gold ones. Players who earn the weapon royale voucher can spin it to obtain specific gun skins the respective Royale has to offer. These tokens are rewarded once you complete special event challenge tasks and you can also redeem them by spending guild tokens and sometimes, they are also offered as level up rewards.

Incubator Voucher:

Incubator vouchers are also special rewards that can give you some of the rarest skins available. It is not easy to earn these vouchers as they are available only during some special events. Rarely, some players can also receive this voucher as a level up reward and similar to the prior vouchers, the voucher can be a prize for completing some tasks during challenge events and other similar stuff.

Diamond Vouchers:

Diamond Vouchers are the hardest category of vouchers to obtain. Players can not expect to earn this voucher regularly as it is very hard and sometimes even requires money to buy some. Diamond vouchers are mostly offered as a freebie when the person purchases some diamonds but there are few ways through which one can collect the voucher. Players can earn diamonds voucher for free by redeem FF tokens or Guild tokens. Players can also wait for a special event that offers these vouchers as a reward.

These are the four vouchers that the game has to offer and several methods through which you can earn them. The difficulty of earning vouchers rises as you move down in the list.

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