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The spooky October is here and the Halloween-themed events are getting popped up everywhere. Free Fire has entered the fray and there are lots of exciting things that are coming into the game. Starting with a completely sinister get-up to the game, there are themed skins, events, and costumes to come till the end of this month.

Free Fire Halloween Event

The main theme of this event is going to be based on the spooky vibes that come with Halloween. The game will get a shady yet fantastic main screen that will just match the sinister look of the other skins mentioned further.

This event will still somewhere from 10th to 15th October and will end on 30th October. The peak day of this event is said to be on 26th October where various special prices can be revealed. During this event, players will have to collect tokens in the form of penguin lollipop, bat lollipop, and ghost lollipop. The tokens can be collected by simple tasks like daily logins, playing a specific amount of matches, and grabbing certain amounts of kills. Tokens will be further used to redeem rewards and as per leaks, the rewards will comprise an exclusive parachute and backpack skin.

Halloween modes

The game modes with zombie themes can return to Free Fire during this event. These time-limited modes are mainly played for fun and can even be used to assign missions for the event mentioned above. The Zombie mode and Night mode are leaked to return to this game.

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Free Fire Halloween Skins:

The following skins are leaked to be included in the game during the event. The following list includes the names and images of skins that can most likely come into the game during the event.

1. XM8 Incubator

Free Fire Halloween
Credits: FF Dataminer

2. Halloween sets

Free Fire Halloween set
Credits: FF Dataminer

3. Surfboard

Free Fire Halloween surfboard
Credits: FF Dataminer

4. Backpack

Credits: FF Dataminer

5. Helmet and Pan

Credits: FF Dataminer
Credits: FF Dataminer

6. Pet skin

Free Fire Halloween pet skin
Credits: FF Dataminer

Here is all the leaked information we have right now, about the upcoming Halloween event. Be ready with your spooky hats on and enter the battlefields in style.