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PUBG Corp. announces Merger with Krafton Inc.

PUBG Corporation, the subsidiary of Bluehole Studios responsible for management of their title PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, will be merging with Krafton Inc., another South Korean video game holding company. This corporate merger will take PUBG Corp. under the umbrella of Krafton and will work under the latter’s name. Some major changes are taking place following this acquisition.

PUBG Corporation is main company that handles everything related to famous battle-royale game PUBG. This company was an internal studio of BlueHole Studios which is now directly acquired by Krafton Inc. Krafton, on the other hand, is another theholding company that was founded by BlueHole itself to “better align itself and and its subsidiaries under a unified brand.”

Now what that means is, Krafton can be considered as the parent company of Bluehole and PUBG Corporation itself and this merger will simply acquire the entirety of PUBG Corporation under the name of this parent company and will work as Krafton Inc. in the future.

PUBG Corporation also notified its players with some privacy policy changes and personal information transfer details.

There are few who are linking this acquisition to the current PUBG Mobile ban condition in India. So far, this merger has nothing to do with the ban and although, there are some changes taking place in India related to PUBG mobile, this acquisition does not necessarily change anything for the PUBG Mobile fans in India.

PUBG Corporation was making big moves prior to this acquisition. Starting by cutting off their ties with Chinese conglomerate Tencent Holdings for Indian region, there were few developments that built a possible pathway for PUBG Mobile to come back in India.

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Tencent was laid off almost instantly when the ban was imposed and PUBG Corporation assumed the entire control of publishing and distribution of PUBG Mobile IP in India.

The company was then out of the limelight for quite some time but after users spotted a LinkedIn job posting from PUBG Corp; specifically for India; the diminishing ray of hope was again ignited brightly.

Now, this merger may not directly imply anything certain about the future of PUBG Mobile in India, these moves can potentially indicate that final verdict of the game developers about this banishment can be right around the corner.

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