PUBG Mobile servers officially shut down in India

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PUBG Mobile servers are officially taken down after a short announcement by PUBG Mobile declared that they are shutting down operations for the country. Players who are trying to access the game are facing an “Restrict Access” error.

PUBG Mobile was banned by IT ministry of India along with 117 other Chinese apps as they were ‚Äúprejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, Defense of India and security of state and public order.” The banishment was issued on September 2 and after almost two months, the game is completely inaccessible to the players in the country.

PUBG Mobile was inarguably the best running esports game in India and suddenly, the banhammer halted this rising popularity. The impact of this ban was severe on Indian PUBG Mobile pros and content creators. Despite the ban, the actual casual player base was not fazed due to the fact that the servers were up and running. Players faced no obstacle while playing this game except moral dilemma to follow this decision by the government or to continue playing their favourite game.

This dilemma no longer exists as PUBG Mobile has taken a big step to completely shut down their operations in India. This resulted in server shutdowns and subsequently, the game has been rendered useless. Players are facing this error code, with “Restrict Access” message popping up when players tried to log in to PUBG Mobile.

This decision is not a solid proof to speculate anything about the future of PUBG Mobile in the country. It is a debatable topic on whether this news is a good or bad sign for now. The game can remain banned and unplayable permanently or this can mean that a localised version of PUBG Mobile is on its way. Whatever the results are, one thing is for certain that PUBG Mobile fans won’t be able access their favourite game in India for the foreseeable future until it gets unbanned.

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