PUBG Krafton Merger: Everything You Need To Know

PUBG Corporation merges with parent company Krafton Inc. The entirety of PUBG will now be represented by the latter.

PUBG Corporation recently announced a merger with Krafton Inc. This merger took the entirety of PUBG Corp. under the umbrella of Krafton alongside all the distribution and development operations of the company’s famous battle-royale title PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds.

PUBG Corp. was an internal studio of BlueHole Studios which is now directly acquired by Krafton Inc. Krafton, on the other hand, is another holding company that was founded by BlueHole itself to align all of its subsidiaries under a single name.

This made Krafton, the parent company of PUBG Corp and Bluehole and hence, this merger can simply be seen as an acquisition of a subsidiary into the parent company.

Update: PUBG Corp Merges With Krafton to form ‘PUBG Studio’

PUBG Corporation stated that all the player database and information from the game PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds will be handed over to Krafton, which has its own set of privacy policies. Players can also alter or delete thier information as per the official post by PUBG Corp. Other than that, no major details about this merger have been revealed.

Another major news follows this merger where Krafton has hired Mirae Asset Daewoo to lead an initial public offering planned for next year.

The report further states that Krafton has been valued at a whopping amount of $26 billion, based on the local media outlet reports. Maeil Business Newspaper stated that stocks worth $9 billion can be sold in the company’s IPO debut, which will make it as the largest ever IPO debut in South Korea till date.

It should also be noted that the Chinese video games giant Tencent holds 13.2% shares in Krafton; next to the company’s co-founder. Tencent has treaded on a rough path for Indian region so far, where PUBG Mobile remains banned till date. PUBG Corporation also severed its ties with Tencent for this reason which resulted in them shutting down operations in India.

This merger can give rise to a train of speculations which can travel in any direction regarding the PUBG Mobile’s future in India. Krafton can lead to a successful unban of the game in India owing to the fact that the main PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PC) game remains unbanned but all these statements are mere speculations for now.