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Velocity Gaming completes two years in Valorant competitive

Hyderabad: India’s one of the most prominent esports organizations Velocity Gaming, completes two years in Valorant competitive circuit.

The Indian Valorant Esports scene is rather small compared to other countries, but there always have been teams who readily invested in Indian esports and have been investing in them to grow the young scene. One such team is Velocity Gaming

Velocity Gaming

Valorant, launched in 2020, showed signs that it’d grow in popularity, and a Riot-Backed Esports scene was on the horizon. With that in mind, VLT Sentinel decided to sign a Valorant Roster.

The organization signed Team Vertigo, A bunch of Indian CSGO veterans consisting of Antidote, Excali, rite2ace, Amaterasu, and Vibhorr, who had won the AMD Valorant Cup and Global Esports Invitational without a banner. 

The announcement came exactly two years ago, on 27th July 2020, and since then, the team has struggled but never looked back. With the banner behind them, Velocity Gaming went on to win multiple tournaments in almost every major event in 2020. 

The current members of the squad, Hellff, and Euphoria, the manager, joined Velocity Gaming in October. Towards the end of the year, Velocity Gaming decided to rebrand as Team Mahi. 

The team continued to get good results, and clashing with Global Esports at the finals led to a rivalry with the match between the teams referred to as Val Classico. Both the teams were led by CSGO Vets, faced each other in finals, and tried to get the upper hand on each other.

But come mid-2021, Excali and Antidote left the team, with Marzil joining in along with mw1 and Sieh rejoining as the analyst. The team went back to being Velocity Gaming. With the International debut on the horizon came VCC. 

Velocity gaming one-uped their rivals Global Esports at the VCC India Qualifiers but was edged out in the finals losing their opportunity for an international debut. Soon Deathmaker joined the team making the team a 7-man roster. 

In 2022, Velocity Gaming again had a chance for its International Debut at VCT APAC Challengers. They won the qualifying tournament VCC 2022, beating Rivals Global Esports 3-2. The debut did not go as planned, and they did not make a huge impact.

Soon after, Marzil and Vibhorr left the organization and signed sleepy as the coach for Skyesports Championship Series, which was a qualifying tournament for Stage 2 VCT APAC Challengers. But a loss to their rivals Global Esports eliminated them. 

Despite the franchising rumors, the team still stays strong, and despite the franchising rumors, VLT Sentinel confirmed they are here to stay and would keep grinding until they can make it to the top. 

Speaking to TalkEsport, VLT Sentinel also shed light on the plan to have an international line-up someday and get more exposure on an international level, so the team does well on the international stage. 

VLT Sentinel plans to continue his brand and ensure his team gets maximum support from him. The current VLT Roster with Amaterasu, Rite2Ace, Hellff, Deathmaker, and mw1 is still a strong squad, and they would win in the future. Congratulations to them for completing two years, and good luck for many years to come. 

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