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Global Esports transfers HellF to VLT Gaming after poaching allegations

Global Esports have finally agreed to transfer Sagnik ‘hellfightR’ Roy to VLT Gaming. A day earlier, GE CEO had come out with a statement alleging a potential poaching attempt by VLT star Sabyasachi ‘antidote’ Bose while announcing the benching of hellf for his unwillingness to comply with the contractual obligations.

However, it seems the two organizations have been able to talk it out and a transfer has been facilitated in good faith by both parties. These dealings will go a long way towards legitimizing the process of player turnover and transfer in the Indian Esports scene.

With the addition of hellf, VLT Gaming’s roster will have six members, with the organization yet to reveal who the GE star will replace in the active lineup. There are rumors that hellf is going to take Vibhor’s place pertaining to the similarity in roles. However, for now, there is no clear indication.

Official Statement from Global Esports

Global Esports would like to announce the official player transfer of Sagnik ‘HellF’ Roy to Velocity Gaming (VLT)

After the poaching accusations made against the players yesterday on social media, both the Teams along with the players came together to resolve the matter and we appreciate everyone being so forthcoming and transparent. We thank all the involved parties for resolving the matter in a professional way. After a discussion between the management team & the players both organizations came to the verdict to do a player transfer from GE to VLT.

Velocity Gaming has officially bought out HellF’s player contract through the proper channels and we are happy to be working toward building a systemic culture in esports and set benchmarks that all other players and orgs can abide by. While we cannot disclose details of the contract we are relieving HellF of his contractual obligations to Global Esports and here on out he will be playing under the Velocity Gaming banner.

Global Esports would like to wish VLT and HellF all the best in their future endeavors and are looking forward to facing them on the battlefield as we keep our competitive spirits high and thank all our fans for the support we have received and urge all the fans to not spread any hate or toxicity in the community.

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