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How to get Free Fire items for free via Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards

Amazon is collaborating with Free Fire to launch a three month long event where players with Prime subscription can claim free rewards.

Free Fire is always coming up with innovative ways to entertain its player base for every region. India has been enjoying the pleasure of new content very frequently and the collaborations just get better day by day. Recently, Free Fire collaborated with Amazon to bring free exclusive content for those with Amazon Prime account.

Free Fire lives upto its name and fires up their userbase with innovative deals that are too good to be true. Its very easy to claim a few rewards on a daily basis but with such featured events, the players are gifted items for free.

Amazon has launched a new collaborative effort with Free Fire that gives away certain items, including outfits, to those with Amazon Prime membership. The best part about this event is that, each and every player in India with an Amazon account can earn these rewards for free, without much hassle,Here is how to to that.

  • Launch Free Fire and go to events section.
  • Click on Mystery crate and Login with Amazon.
  • After the successful login, players who have active Amazon prime account will recieve twelve in-game items for free.

For those who do not own an Amazon Prime account, you can tackle this problem by simply enabling one month free Amazon Prime membership trail via Amazon app and then repeat the process above to enjoy free items. If you already have used the free trial then unfortunately you cannot claim the rewards.

The gifts available during this event are numerous. Starting with a character, we have costumes, character level-up cards and more characters that will unlock subsequently throughout the event. Here is the list of all the items and the duration for which they will be available for free claim.

  • 30/07/20 to 13/08/20 : Character: Miguel
  • 13/08/20 to 27/08/20 : Character Lvl 4. Card
  • 27/08/20 to 10/09/20 : Backpack: Dancing Panda
  • 10/09/20 to 24/09/20 : Costume: Blue Assassin Set
  • 24/09/20 to 08/10/20: Character: Misha
  • 08/10/20 to 22/10/20 : Character Lvl 4. Card
  • 22/10/20 to 05/11/20 : Backpack: Cutesy Dragon
  • 05/11/20 to 19/11/20 : Costume: Enforcer Bundle
  • 19/11/20 to 03/12/20 : Character: Maxim
  • 03/12/20 to 17/12/20 : Character Lvl 4. Card
  • 17/12/20 to 31/12/20 : Backpack: Baby Clown
  • 31/12/20 to 14/01/21 : Costume: Succubus Bundle

This event will run for almost next three months so be ready to claim the gift rewards by subscribing to Amazon Prime membership. Note that the free trial will only last a month, hence if you want to collect all the other items, buy Amazon Prime membership for the rest of the event.

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