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Stray Overtakes God Of War As The Best Pc Game On Steam In 2022

User reviews and ratings are a great way to judge the popularity of a game among the players and Steam reviews are one of the best tools at hand to do so. 

Earlier this year Sony started releasing its console-exclusive games on PC and the first game to make its way on PC in 2022 was God Of War. The title was very received among the PC community and quickly racked up thousands upon thousands of positive reviews on Steam. The game currently has 37,550 reviews and an aggregate Overwhelmingly positive review score.

But now an indie game by BlueTwelve Studio called Stary is experiencing a similar success as God Of War. The game was released on July 19th on both the PC and PlayStation platforms. The game become an instant hit among PC players and quickly garnered 46,110 reviews on Steam and an aggregate Overwhelmingly positive review score.

The cyberpunk cat simulator has taken over the PC platform by storm such that even the godly powers of Kratos can’t stand in its way. According to data via Steam250, Stray has dethroned God Of War from the first position of the highest rated title of 2022 in less than a week’s time. 

Aside from topping the 2022 list of highest-rated games, Stray has also made its way to the 42nd position on the Top 250 best Steam games of all time according to gamer reviews. 

Stray’s overwhelmingly positive Steam reviews hardly come as a surprise given the good word of mouth it continues to receive from the players. The studio hasn’t even advertised the game as extensively as AAA studios and still managed to surpass many highly budgeted AAA games. 

As the year continues, it’ll be interesting to see how Stray fares against other major releases in terms of user reviews. The likes of A Plague Tale: Requiem and Company of Heroes 3 could shift the narrative.

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