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Mobile games similar to Valorant Mobile

VALORANT Mobile is one of the most anticipated titles that is currently under development by Riot Games. This new title brings the VALORANT experience on a mobile phone, making it much more portable to enjoy the game on the go.

Games Like Valorant For Android and iOS

While the game is still being developed, here are some top alternatives that you can play till then.


Fortnite skin gift

Fortnite is one of the most famous battle royale games in the world and it has a mobile application that can be played on cross-platform with console as well. Fortnite Mobile is one of the best games to delve into if you are waiting for the release of VALORANT Mobile for now.


cod mobile season 7 release date

COD Mobile is the next game on this list. Its multiplayer mode is very similar to the FPS style that one might expect when they play VALORANT. Although this game lacks the active skills that players enjoy in VALORANT, it can still be a fun experience with its wide range of equipment and gun inventory.


PUBG Mobile New State

PUBG New State is a completely different experience for the FPS players that are looking to dive into a more fast-paced and tech-savvy environment. NEW State also has an exclusive deathmatch mode that can cater to your FPS needs for some while until Valorant comes into the market.


Apex Legends Mobile

APEX Legends Mobile is new title developed by Respawn Studios. This game should be a fun experience for new players that are looking to play VALORANT as this one has active skills that can be unlocked as players progress in their matches. This is also a very fast BR game which requires a lot of in-game mechanism master to excel at.


Critical Ops

Critical OPS or C-OPS is a very popular multiplayer game that almost brings the CSGO experience on a mobile. If you are looking to extensively practice in the FPS mode and master the common controls seen in a mobile MP game, you can try Critical OPS.

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