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Where to find Worker’s Key in Stray?

Stray recently surpassed God of War as the best PC game on Steam. The Worker Keys is a Stray mission that is unlocked after speaking with a concerned Worker at the Neco Corp Factory. Once you locate the Clementine, the cyborg will send a message to the Cat, instructing it to look for a robot wearing a Blazer. Players must then steal a few items in order to infiltrate Neco Corp. Continue reading to find out where you can get the worker’s key in Stray.

Where to find Worker’s Key?

Walk ahead and hide behind the stack of planks after chatting with the Worker in Stray to avoid being discovered by the Sentinel. When the machine’s light switches to the right, turn left, leap on the white blocks, and then jump again on the forward-moving beam to land on a platform. Pull the lever to open the gate and return to the right side of the platform, behind the stack of planks.

Because the gate is open, go left and stop behind a stack of boxes, where a Sentinel is standing. Get out of cover and move only with the trash cage when it blocks the machine’s vision. Rep the previous steps with the following Sentinel. After passing the two machines, jump onto the submerged barrels to the garbage pile and take the Worker Key from the pizza box. Return to the Worker by following the path of the cages to another platform. To open the closed gate, turn left behind the Sentinel and flip the switch.

Climb the white box and pass the barrels once it reaches the other side to access the doorway that connects to the Worker. Passing the keys to the worker will earn players the Neco Badge. In addition, sneaking past all of the Sentinels in the factory and apartment without being noticed unlocks a special trophy named Sneakitty.

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