The recent announcement of the World CS:GO Championship by has given a chance to the non-traditional Counter-Strike powerhouses such as India to showcase their talent on the biggest stage of them all.

However, Krishna “kriSSH” Salecha’s recent VAC ban has put the international spotlight on the Indian CSGO community, which had recently announced it’s roster for the World Championship.

As kriSSh continues to prove his innocence, we caught up with team captain Karthik “Katalyst” Rao to discuss various aspects about the national team selection.

Q. What was the basic criterion for the selection of the national team?

“Teamwork”. Can the squad members get along with rival team players? The tournament format not allowing us to have the entire team represent as ” Team India” put me in a fix.

Q. How difficult was the selection, any specific areas you faced difficulties in?

As mentioned above the difficulty was to make sure that the selected members get along with each other.

Q. The post on shows the exclusion of Krishhh, due to a VAC ban. What are your thoughts about the ban?

I am with kriSSh on this issue. I know how passionate Indian gamers are. I do not think a player like him, who has participated in events like ESWC global finals requires to prove to any of the Indian audience. If he has to prove, it is to the global audience. I hope he remains strong in this difficult situation.

He has written to Valve from what i have been told. If Valve sticks to their decision, I have to respect that.

Coming back to my update of keeping him out, I had to. At no cost I can put the reputation of “Team India” and E-Frag TWC at stake.

Q. Which player do you think will be a difference maker from the team?

Ritesh / RitZ. I expect him to lead “Team India” to victory, first in the Asian qualifiers & later at grand finals.

Q. Finishing in the top 3 of Asia could be a difficult task considering teams such as Vietnam and China, which team do you think will be the most difficult opposition?

I do not wish to see the squad underestimate any team. This format can surprise many of us. I won’t be surprised if we make it to top 3 in qualifiers.’

Q. The team has been selected from the top three teams in India, were there any players from other teams that caught your eye?

Honestly, No. I felt this team has to have the most experienced than skilled. I’ve been following many CS:Go tournaments. I knew my picks very well.

Q. Apart from the selection of the team, what will be your role in the team?

I am responsible to coordinate with the organizers and bridge the gap between them and players. Apart from that I will need to keep the squad motivated to perform.

Q. Globally, CS GO growth has been rampant, do you think it has grown at a similar pace in India?

No. I would say gaming cafes are mostly responsible for this. If only they had better configuration, most CS 1.6 players would have switched perhaps?

At the same time, the growth has been good/fast when compared to CS 1.6 days.

Q. Which player do you think has been in top form amongst the ones selected?

Everyone:- )

Q. What are your expectations from the qualifiers?

Be in the top 3. Qualify for the grand finals. This could motivate the Indian CS:GO community.

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