Team SoLoMid now world’s highest paid CS:GO eSports team

Yes, this is no joke. The former Danish roster, Team Dignitas have now officially joined Team SoLoMid and are reportedly being paid the highest salary comparitively to any other CSGO team in the world.

The best in the world of League of Legends, Team SoLoMid (TSM) recently acquired Diginitas esports’ CSGO division to form a new and strong organization under their management.

Team Dignitas

According to a very close source, the team is the highest paid Esports team ever and no other team in the world has been paid something like that which also includes the maginificient laws and clauses. The players from SoLoMid will be free to take their share from the tournament money without being sharing their revenue with the organization as of now. They will also be entitled and set free to have some in the buckets through Twitch streaming.

In a statement to Daily Dot, the source revealed:

“The players are being paid $3,000 a month each, which is a vast amount in Counter-Strike terms,” the person added. “The teams that have been considered the best in the world haven’t even earned that kind of money. They have also been promised 100 percent of the Valve sticker money, which if they were to get into a legends pack could be as much as $400,000 divided between the team.”

Effecting from 1st of February’15, TSM will be a global identity having a CS:GO team. Team SoLoMid is widely recognized as the most sucessfull Esports organziation, they are also known for making their League of Legend players professional steamers which also helped them with consistent earnings.