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Top 20 Highest Earning Valorant Players Of All Time

There are many players who had lost hope in other games because of Riot’s history of fostering a vibrant competitive environment, yet they have found success in Valorant thanks to Riot.

Several players on the Valorant Champions Tour have already won prizes worth more than one hundred thousand dollars before the end of the second year of the competition. Let’s take a look at the top-earning individual players as well as the top teams that are raking in a lot of money, shall we?

Since the summer of 2020, when Valorant was released, the level of competition has skyrocketed. With a roster full of S-list players and a packed schedule of noteworthy events, the stage has been set for some impressively rapid growth in terms of viewership.

The culmination of the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour was the Valorant Champions event, which was the third worldwide LAN competition for the game after the VCT Masters competitions held in Reykjavik and Berlin. At stake in the Valorant Champions, event were many millions of euros.

Sentinels are still the highest-earning team in the game, in spite of the recent difficulties they have been experiencing. They are closely followed by Acend, the team who won the inaugural Valorant global championship, and Gambit. Following their victory in the VCT Stage 2 Masters in Copenhagen, FunPlus Phoenix has climbed up the rankings to take the fourth spot.

In terms of individual earnings, North America continues to be in the driver’s seat, with eight players now occupying spots in the top 10. While Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo, one of the greatest names in Valorant, is ranked just 16th in the

Everything, however, is subject to change at the Valorant Champions, which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, at the end of the year. The difference between the highest earner and the player rated twenty-first is just a little more than twenty thousand dollars.

Check out the rankings that follow if you’re interested in learning more about the top 20 teams and players in each category. This list will be revised on a regular basis and after each significant occurrence.

Top 20 highest earning Valorant Players

1stcrashiesNorth America$123,650.00
2ndVictorNorth America$122,650.00
3rdFNSNorth America$120,760.00
4thMarvedNorth America$118,350.00
5thShahZaMNorth America$114,307.14
6thzombsNorth America$113,550.00
7thSicKNorth America$113,507.14
8thdaprNorth America$113,407.14
15thyayNorth America$104,940.00
16thTenZNorth America$104,754.65
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