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Team EsportsWala announces PUBG New State roster

BGMI Esports community is already in process of transitioning and moving ahead of BGMI as Team EsportsWala, one of the upcoming esports organizations in India, have announced their transition to PUBG New State esports.

Team EsportsWala has entered the Indian esports after BGMI was introduced in India. This team was considered as an underdog in the recent times but they were able to make a name for themselves at BMPS 2022.

The BGMI roster of Team EsportsWala stays intact during this transition as the organization has signed a completely new roster with this move.

Following players will play under the umbrella of EsportsWala under its PUBG: New State fraternity:

  1. Reflexer
  2. ElixirOP
  3. Void
  4. Riishii
  5. Dakku

PUBG: New State is the advanced BR game developed by Krafton that takes place in a more futuristic world in the PUBG franchise. This game was launched one year ago and it does not have a flourishing esports scene as of yet.

The launch of BGMI was very crucial in India as the entire fanbase of PUBG Mobile shifted back to BGMI since its launch. PUBG: New State now emerges as a strong and viable option for BGMI esports players to transition into, if the game ban remains permanent in nature.

8Bit Thug, the co-owner of S8UL, has already identified the potential of PUBG New State in India and stated that players should not wait and start grinding in this new game.

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