FPX Wins Valorant Masters Copenhagen

The Valorant Champions Tour Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals had the EMEA giants of FunPlus Phoenix taking on the Kings of APAC regions Paper Rex PRX vs FPX

FPX has been looking insanely strong, beating DRX, Fnatic, and Optic to reach the finals. Paper Rex themselves look strong and have qualified for finals by beating Guild, Fnatic, and Optic Gaming. 

It was one of the first times an APAC team had such a strong showing in an FPS event, and Paper Rex is here to win it all. 

Summary of VCT Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals:

  • Paper Rex – FunPlus Phoenix

VCT Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals Map Veto:

Paper Rex, the top seed of the two, had the advantage of banning two maps. Paper Rex banned Split and Ascent with their bans and chose to Play Bind and Fracture, and FPX chose to play Icebox and Haven.

VCT Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals Map 1 Bind:

The first map was a solid map for Paper Rex, and they brought the unconventional Yoru to pick to play while FPX stuck to their default and reacted to the Paper Rex aggression with absolute ease. 

FPX completely shut down Paper Rex and won eleven rounds in the first half. Paper Rex answered back in the second half, but a well-timed orbital strike stopped the Paper Rex train at 13-3. FPX now is at a map advantage going into their map pick.

Player of the Map: Shao KDA - 18/7/9 ACS - 296 

VCT Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals Map 2 Icebox:

The second map was crucial for Paper Rex as losing the map would mean they would be 0-2 down, while the map pick being FPX’s puts Paper Rex in an unfortunate situation. 

Paper Rex displayed their strong psyche, starting with winning the pistol round and the follow-up round. FPX did win back the bonus, but Paper Rex, spearheaded by Jinggg’s Battle Sage, managed to find openings in

FPX’s defense limited FPX to only two more rounds to close the half 9-3. 

The second half started with Paper Rex winning the pistol, but FPX responded immediately to win the next round the back and forth continued, but the lead of six rounds was too much for FPX to comprehend, and they lost the map 13-7

Player of the Map: Jinggg KDA - 20/18/6 ACS - 290

With this victory, Paper Rex equalized the series at 1-1 and would play fracture next.

VCT Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals Map 3 Fracture:

The map started with Paper Rex winning the first two rounds, but FPX didn’t fumble and made Paper Rex sweat to win the rounds and hold off the dual-wielded Paper Rex attack with Neon and Raze. With back-and-forth rounds, both teams secured six rounds. 

The second half started with FPX winning the pistol and the follow-up. Paper Rex won the bonus round, but their aggression on defense was read perfectly by FPX, and they closed down the map 13-7, getting to the series point. 

Player of the Map: Suygetsu KDA - 22/12/5 ACS - 289

VCT Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals Map 4 Haven:

The FPX’s pick was a must-win for Paper Rex, and they must win to force a third map. 

The third map started with both teams exchanging thrifty and rounds to start with a natural back and forth which continued till the end with Paper Rex edging out FPX with a round lead. 

The second half started with Paper Rex converting the third round bonus to reach ten. FPX on the back of Shao’s 1 v 3 answered back with two rounds, and paper Rex stopped the bleeding and closed the map 13-7 to reset the series 2-2.

Player of the Map: Jinggg KDA -25/17/1 ACS - 343

VCT Masters Copenhagen Grand Finals Map 5 Breeze:

The fifth map had Paper Rex pulling up an unusual composition with Yoru and Neon, and it was a rocky start, and it seemed the pick wouldn’t work with FPX starting with a 3-0 start. 

But Paper Rex managed to pull rounds back, winning five rounds in a row. FPX adjusted well to the Paper Rex aggression and won the half 7-5.

Player of the Map: Ardiis KDA - 21/16/6 ACS - 270
Player of the Series: Shao KDA - 82/64/40 ACS - 247

Player of the event: Shao KDA – 422/357/170 ACS – 218.6 Clutch – 21/83

The second half started with Paper Rex winning the first four rounds, but FPX completely turned around and answered with absolute dominance to win the required six rounds to win the series 3-2. 

FunPlus Phoenix became the champions of Copenhagen and had one of the most incredible runs of all time. Paper Rex themselves displayed what they are capable of by having one of the most impactful runs. 

You can read about the results, format and schedule for the tournament, venue, ticketing, and the teams participating and where to watch the stream here. 

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