LEC 2022 Results, Schedule, and More

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As the LEC 2022 Summer Split kicks off, League of Legends across the globe are eager to know more about the tournament, its schedule, results, standings, and much more.

The LEC 2022 Summer Split is the most important season ahead of the big World Championship, and will see some of the best League of Legends teams throughout the entire world battle it out for a shot at the crown.

If you’re an avid fan of the competitive MOBA by Riot Games and want to see your favorite teams in action, but you’re unable to catch the Summer Split live for some reason, we have you covered.

In this article, we’re gonna take a look at the LEC 2022 Summer Split schedule, standings, results, and everything else that you need to know to keep up with the competitive LoL scene.

LEC 2022 Summer Split Format

The LEC 2022 Summer Split will see ten teams participate in it to duke it out in a double round-robin setup. Each match will be a best-of-one, and the top six teams will find themselves qualifying for the LEC Summer Playoffs.

LEC 2022 Summer Split: Participating Teams & Standings

S. NoTeamRecord
1Rogue (RGE)8-3
2MAD Lions (MAD)8-3
3Excel Esports (XL)7-4
4Team Vitality (VIT)6-5
5G2 Esports (G2)6-5
6Fnatic (FNC)5-6
7Astralis (AST)5-6
8Misfits Gaming (MSF)4-7
9SK Gaming (SK)4-7
10Team BDS (BDS)1-10

LEC 2022 Summer Split: Schedule

Week 1

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
17/06/2022VIT vs MAD6.00 pm0-1MAD
BDS vs SK7.00 pm1-0BDS
MSF vs XL8.00 pm1-0MSF
G2 vs AST9.00 pm1-0G2
RGE vs FNC10.00 pm0-1FNC
18/06/2022BDS vs AST5.00 pm1-0BDS
SK vs MAD6.00 pm0-1MAD
VIT vs MSF7.00 pm0-1MSF
FNC vs XL8.00 pm1-0FNC
RGE vs G29.00 pm1-0RGE
19/06/2022MSF vs AST5.00 pm1-0MSF
VIT vs BDS6.00 pm1-0VIT
SK vs FNC7.00 pm1-0SK
G2 vs XL8.00 pm0-1XL
RGE vs MAD9.00 pm1-0RGE

Week 2

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
24/06/2022SK vs AST6.00 pm0-1AST
VIT vs XL7.00 pm0-1XL
RGE vs MSF8.00 pm1-0RGE
BDS vs G29.00 pm1-0BDS
MAD vs FNC10.00 pm1-0MAD
25/06/2022SK vs MSF5.00 pm0-1MSF
MAD vs XL6.00 pm0-1XL
RGE vs AST7.00 pm1-0RGE
BDS vs FNC8.00 pm0-1FNC
VIT vs G29.00 pm0-1G2

Week 3

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
1/7/2022BDS vs MSF6.00 pm0-1MSF
VIT vs SK7.00 pm1-0VIT
RGE vs XL8.00 pm1-0RGE
FNC vs AST9.00 pm1-0FNC
MAD vs G210.00 pm1-0MAD
2/7/2022BDS vs XL5.00 pm0-1XL
SK vs RGE6.00 pm0-1RGE
VIT vs AST7.00 pm1-0VIT
MSF vs MAD8.00 pm1-0MSF
G2 vs FNC9.00 pm0-1FNC

Week 4

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
15/7/2022XL vs AST6.00 pm0-1AST
BDS vs MAD7.00 pm0-1MAD
MSF vs FNC8.00 pm1-0MSF
SK vs G29.00 pm1-0SK
VIT vs RGE10.00 pm0-1RGE
16/7/2022SK vs XL5.00 pm1-0SK
MAD vs AST6.00 pm1-0MAD
BDS vs RGE7.00 pm0-1RGE
MSF vs G28.00 pm1-0MSF
VIT vs FNC9.00 pm1-0VIT

Week 5

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
22/7/2022BDS vs SK6.00 pm0-1SK
MSF vs XL7.00 pm0-1XL
VIT vs MAD8.00 pm0-1MAD
G2 vs AST9.00 pm1-0G2
RGE vs FNC10.00 pm1-0RGE
23/7/2022BDS vs AST5.00 pm0-1AST
SK vs MAD6.00 pm0-1MAD
VIT vs MSF7.00 pm1-0VIT
RGE vs G28.00 pm0-1G2
FNC vs XL9.00 pm0-1XL

Week 6

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
29/7/2022SK vs AST6.00 pm0-0TBD
VIT vs XL7.00 pm0-0TBD
RGE vs MSF8.00 pm0-0TBD
BDS vs G29.00 pm0-0TBD
MAD vs FNC10.00 pm0-0TBD
30/7/2022SK vs MSF5.00 pm0-0TBD
MAD vs XL6.00 pm0-0TBD
RGE vs AST7.00 pm0-0TBD
BDS vs FNC8.00 pm0-0TBD
VIT vs G29.00 pm0-0TBD

Week 7

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
5/8/2022MSF vs AST6.00 pm0-0TBD
VIT vs BDS7.00 pm0-0TBD
SK vs FNC8.00 pm0-0TBD
G2 vs XL9.00 pm0-0TBD
RGE vs MAD10.00 pm0-0TBD
6/8/2022VIT vs AST5.00 pm0-0TBD
BDS vs XL6.00 pm0-0TBD
MSF vs MAD7.00 pm0-0TBD
SK vs RGE8.00 pm0-0TBD
G2 vs FNC9.00 pm0-0TBD

Week 8

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
12/8/2022BDS vs MSF6.00 pm0-0TBD
FNC vs AST7.00 pm0-0TBD
RGE vs XL8.00 pm0-0TBD
VIT vs SK9.00 pm0-0TBD
MAD vs G210.00 pm0-0TBD
13/8/2022BDS vs RGE5.00 pm0-0TBD
MAD vs AST6.00 pm0-0TBD
SK vs XL7.00 pm0-0TBD
VIT vs FNC8.00 pm0-0TBD
MSF vs G29.00 pm0-0TBD
14/8/2022BDS vs MAD5.00 pm0-0TBD
XL vs AST6.00 pm0-0TBD
VIT vs RGE7.00 pm0-0TBD
SK vs G28.00 pm0-0TBD
MSF vs FNC9.00 pm0-0TBD

LEC 2022 Summer Split: Where to Watch

Interested fans can catch all the ongoing League of Legends action live on the official LEC channel on Twitch while the VODs are regularly posted on the LoL Esports VODs and Highlights channel.

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