7Sea Esports wins BGMI Showdown 2022

7Sea Esports has emerged victorious in the grand finale of BGMI Showdown 2022. This tournament gave the coveted invite to PMWI Afterparty and 7Sea Esports will represent India at this event.

The grand finale of BMSD 2022 was very compact as only six matches were played on a single day in a LAN format. As the points table was reset, each team had a fair chance to show their best performance and 7Sea Esports did exactly that to win the tournament.

Skylightz Gaming kickstarted the BMSD 2022 grand finale with a dominating win and 7Sea was just getting warmed up. They won the second map but Skylightz was on their tail with the second finish.

Orangutan entered the fray on the third map and came very close to snatching the victory from the hands of 7Sea Esports but the latter on the last map and secured their victory.

Here is the prize pool distribution of this tournament and the top three placements:

  1. 7Sea Esports – ₹5,00,000
  2. Orangutan – ₹2,50,000
  3. Enigma Gaming – ₹1,00,000

As mentioned before, 7Sea Esports has now locked their place at PMWI Afterparty and will play at this massive event with $1 million prize pool to represent India there.

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