Global Esports CEO’s Porsche Destroyed By Mumbai’s Cyclone

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Dr. Rushindra Sinha, the CEO of Global Esports had an unprecedented loss due to the cyclonic weather that is haunting Mumbai for the last few hours. Dr Sinha posted an image of his battered Porsche on Instagram, which has been destroyed because of the rainstorm.

The western coast of India is bracing for a heavy storm as Cyclone Tauktae is making its way to Gujarat coast. This storm has caused an absurd amount of downpour in Mumbai and the gusty winds are causing destruction to life and property in the city. This “extremely severe cyclonic storm” will hit Gujarat on the evening of 17th May.

The wind speed has caused heavy rainfall in Mumbai city and this is the reason of substantial amount of losses for many. CEO of Global Esports was one of those unlucky few who had to face losses due to this cyclone. His beloved red Porsche is crushed from the front side.

Dr. Sinha uploaded a photo of the incident and captioned it with “Cyclone Tauktae claims another victim” while referring to his car. He also added that no one was destroyed in this accident and a full video regarding this incident will be uploaded on his YouTube channel.

This Porsche has been an integral part for Dr. Sinha and boasts the logo and information of Global Esports. The images show that the front side of car has been dismantled. The hood and bumper have sustained maximum damage from the front and sides as well.

Cyclone Tauktae is certainly very destructive and we urge our readers to stay indoors until the weather becomes better.

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