NiP accused of forcing Anonymo into a CSGO rematch

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Flashpoint Season 3 RMR event has incurred tons of hate for their decision to hold a rematch between Anonymo and Ninjas in Pyjamas, after the latter reported connectivity issues.

According to the official statement from Anonymo, the organizer of Flashpoint i.e. FACEIT under pressure from NiP has forced them into the decision of a rematch.

Following the conclusion of the match, the Polish squad was pressurized at a business level.

Anonymo was willing to postpone the game after NiP reported packet loss issues through the entirety of the first two maps and remained through the course of the third one though few reports were made.

Faceit tried altering servers from various locations but none of them seemed to fix the issue. According to the rulebook handed out to both teams before the commencement of the tournament, the server was moved to the default since either teams couldn’t agree on a location.

“We are under the impression that FACEIT is being pressured by NiP on a business level,” read their official statement “We are very emotional about the situation — we know that something like that would not happen in any other sport and esports tournament. We wanted to do everything in the competitive spirit of fair play. NiP does not seem to care about that at all.”

Statements From Flashpoint and NiP

Following Anonymo’s statement, Flashpoint and NiP have put out one of their own. Flashpoint claimed that the connectivity issues were real and NiP provided sufficient evidence to back their claims before acknowledging the issue that persisted from their end. According to the statement, “some security settings on the server” had “partially blocked” NiP’s traffic leading to lag and packet loss.

In the same statement, Flashpoint announced the rematch with NiP willing to offer Anonymo to play a complete BO3 or just the final map.

Swedish organization Ninjas in Pyjamas has strictly denied any claims of pressurizing FACEIT at a business level and has called their statement “Shockingly misleading.” before accusing them of “Fueling a massive frenzy of speculation among esports professionals and the wider CSGO community.”.

“Our players didn’t push for a rematch here – we did. All they want is acknowledgement that the playing conditions were unacceptable,” said NiP COO Jonas Gundersen.

Besides the pointing of fingers from both teams, FACEIT has been subject to a lot of hate on their controversial decision to host a rematch. Anonymo has garnered the backing of several pro players and the decision has been questioned by the CSPPA. It will be strange to see the rematch actually take place despite the community’s strong feelings against it.

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