How to watch PMPL Arabia 2021: Streams, Schedule, Groups

PMPL Arabia will witness the top 20 teams competing in a three week long regular season starting from 17th May 2021.

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The most awaited PMPL Arabia Regular Season is set to start from today, where we will see the top 20 teams from the Arabia region compete against each other to make their way into the finals. We got everything you need to follow in PMPL Season 1 2021: Arabia League.

PMPL Arabia Format

PMPL Arabia will feature two phases, Regular Season and finals. The top 20 teams will be competing in the regular season which comprises of two stages: weekdays and super weekends. In the weekday stage, each team will play a total of matches 8 a week, every Tuesday & Wednesday (each day 4 matches). Out of which, the top 16 teams will qualify for the Super Weekend.

The Super weekend stage will be played in a single lobby format. The teams will play a total of 15 matches in a week, every Friday, Saturday & Sunday (each day 5 matches). Only the points of each Super Weekend are cumulated towards league standings. Which will be used to qualify for the PMPL finals.

PMPL Arabia Live Stream

PMPL Arabia Regular Season will be streamed live on YouTube and Twitch. Here is the link to the streams, where you can watch your favourite teams compete to emerge as the champions.

PMPL Arabia Schedule

Here is the schedule of the matches, along with the team groups and their matchday.  

PMPL Arabia WEEK 1

  • 17th – 18th May (Weekdays)
  • 20th – 22nd May (Super Weekends)

PMPL Arabia WEEK 2

  • 24th – 25th May (Weekdays)
  • 27th – 29th May (Super Weekends)

PMPL Arabia WEEK 3

  • 31st May – 1st June (Weekdays)
  • 3rd – 5th June (Super Weekends)

PMPL Arabia Groups:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup E
 Road To Glory YaLLa Esports Gunz Esports FATE Esports ARAB GSG
 Galaxy Racer RAAD ESPORTS NASR Esports Zombies Esports Rico Infinity Team
 Flare ROX machines HOTLINE EGYPT iKURD E-SPORTS Real Tiger9 ALPHA Legends
 The Snipers SCYTES Esports Fz Zombies Falcons Esports Sudor Esports

Galaxy Racers, whose players are based from India is one of the major team to look out for in this event.

The team will be back in esports action after a break of more than 8 months. Besides them, there are some strong teams such as GUNZ Esport, Yalla Esports, RTG Esports that will bring intense action into the game.

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