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Don Toliver x Fortnite Collab: Release Date, Leaks & What to Expect

Don Toliver Brings the "Hardstone" Vibe to Fortnite

At the time of writing this article, a new Fortnite collaboration is in the works with a launch that’s planned to go out very soon.

Epic games’ take on the battle royale genre – Fortnite has frequent and strategic crossovers with pop culture for a reason, which is to increase its fan base. Be it their in-game Marshmello concert or the recent “Fortnite Festival”, the game keeps bringing musicians to the game. Over the past few weeks, the community has gone haywire over the teasers that have been going out on the Don Toliver YouTube channel.

Fortnite has normalized the concept of collaborating with musicians in quite an interesting way. There are Fortnite Festivals that have started bringing one artist every season into the spotlight.

What is the next season’s collaboration and what is the Don Toliver collab?

Well, we already know that the next season of the game will be featuring Metallica with an in game concert. The team behind Fortnite has also brilliantly planned the distribution of IP within the game by emotes and songs for the Festivals with loads of ways for the players and the artists to get in on the fun too. 

Also, we have been looking at the teasers for the upcoming collab, and based on the varied collaborations in the past, what can be expected from the Don Toliver x Fortnite Collab? Answering that, we are making educated speculations knowing that the entire collaboration is going to revolve around the Fortnite creative map. 

Don Toliver x Fortnite

Fortnite Creative maps, or Creative game modes are custom game modes where you can use a wide variety of assets and gameplay, making it through to a walkthrough area where you can flex your Fortnite Skins. The teasers have very strongly teased a few bits of custom art making use of UnrealFN tech that allows for such freedom in these maps. 

The game even has the map feeling like a motorcycle aesthetic stage, from a recent Don Toliver album, with a standard 8v8 gun game, with the map named “Hardstone”

Don Toliver x Fortnite release date

The Don Toliver x Fortnite collab has already seen quite a bit of teasers and drops on what to expect when the day comes but hasn’t hinted at any launch date for the map just yet. We can expect the update to go live somewhere around the 10th to 14th of June. The map could be online within a few hours once it meets its rumored launch day.

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