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CS2 Community Expresses Mixed Reactions Over Cheating Issues

Players Are Frustrated and Demanding New Anti-Cheat

Cheating has been one of the most persistent issues in Counter-Strike for as long as one can remember and CSGO saw the problem rise to a level where players were forced to opt for 3rd party platforms to play the game.

With the release of CS2, fans hoped for an improved Anti-Cheat that could keep hackers at bay, something similar to Vanguard by Riot. However, not only did we not get an improved anti-cheat the cheating problem has gotten worse according to some fans.

Valve has continued to address the cheating issues but has yet to come up with something more permanent. The frustrations over cheaters ruining the game have led to fans thinking of going back to CSGO.

Cheating isn’t the only concern with CS2, the game is far from perfect and doesn’t have the same feeling of familiarity with a plethora that continues to plague the game to this day. While Valve keeps pushing updates, we can say for sure that CS2 is behind CSGO in terms of optimization across the whole game.

On the contrary, many fans believe that the game is fine as it is and while there are some rough times against cheaters occasionally if you can look past it the game is great.

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