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IShowSpeed’s Ex-girlfriend Reveals a Surprising Fact About Their Relationship

Amy Flam Gets Real About IShowSpeed: "It Wasn't Just Content"

IShowSpeed is one of the most popular content creators in modern times whose eccentric personality has attracted millions of viewers but little is known about his romantic endeavours.

Korean TikToker Amy Flam who Speed was supposedly in a relationship with but only for the content revealed recently that feelings were involved. Certain gestures from Speed had her believe that they weren’t out of the goodness of heart, rather he had feelings for her that weren’t acknowledged.

“Some words were thrown around between Speed and his team about maybe taking me to the Euros finals and maybe meeting me in July when I go to Florida, but it wasn’t a set deal,” she said. “It was more of a maybe.”

She further delved into the fact that when confronting Speed about this, he expressed mixed feelings which resonated with Flamy and the relationship went nowhere from there. They agreed to a few more dates but Flamy couldn’t tell if Speed asked for it specifically for content or if there was more to it.

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