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What Is the Potential Value of Team Spirit Star Donk?

Is donk worth the hefty price tag?

Danil “donk” Kryshkovets is arguably the hottest prospect in the world of Counter-Strike and despite all the success, he is playing for a lesser-known team which indicates that he would likely jump ship to an organization where he can play with bigger names.

Looking at how G2 was quick to acquire the services of m0NESY, top CS2 teams will be looking to add donk to their team but taking him away from Spirit is not going to be simple given the staggering price tag that the Russian organization has set on his signature.

According to Team Spirit scout Overdrive, “donk is never for sale, never. Team Spirit has every structure he needs that no other superteam can offer him. His cost is around $5,000,000″.

While Team Spirit may have some of the best names in Counter-Strike playing for them, they lack the tag of a super team. Team Spirit scout Overdrive believes that they have every structure that he needs for donk to become the best version of him which at the moment none of the super teams can provide. Knowing this, an interested party might have to pay around $5 Million to acquire his services.

donk is considered among the best riflers in the world and given his age he was bound to have a staggering price tag but $5 Million is what entire CS2 teams go for which would make this the biggest sale in the history of the game if Team Spirit chooses to cash in for him.

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