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This Neon Buff is ‘Not Intended’ and Will Be Nerfed, Valorant Dev Confirms

Developers Address Unintentional Neon Buff in Valorant 8.11 Patch

The recently introduced Valorant patch 8.11 brought with it a number of important additions to the game including the new map, Abyss, alongside a few crucial changes to some of the Agents in the Valorant roster.

Agents that were under-picked in the current meta like Iso and Neon were hit with the hardest buffs in the patch, while the more common Agents like Clove and Raze received significant nerfs to their kits.

It’s safe to say that Neon was one of the biggest winners of the Valorant 8.11 update. The patch buffed up her kit by giving her two slides, increased accuracy while sliding, faster stamina regen, and a couple of other overall improvements, However, it seems that not all of the Neon buffs in patch 8.11 were intended by the dev team.

On June 12th, Sentinels’ player Zachary “zekken” Patrone shared a clip of him playing as Neon on Haven against Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. In the clip, zekken slides down A Tower and lands a precise mid-air headshot with a Phantom on TenZ at A Long.

Shortly after the clip was posted, Valorant’s Product Management Lead Coleman Palm responded to the Tweet, claiming that this buff to Neon’s mid-air accuracy was “not intended.”

“Just wanted to say we’re working on a fix for this right now,” the Riot dev said. “Aerial accuracy not intended.”

This increased mid-air accuracy shown in the clip is likely the result of Riot removing Neon’s weapon movement error when sliding, which means she is completely accurate even when sliding from higher elevations.

Luckily, Valorant players won’t have to face this issue in their games for long, as the developers behind the title have confirmed that they are already working on a fix.
For a detailed list of changes that the new update has introduced to Valorant, feel free to check out the Valorant 8.11 patch notes.

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