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New Valorant Map ‘Abyss’: The Only Map Where You Can Fall Off

On June 9th, Riot Games unveiled ‘Abyss’, the newest map to be added in Valorant featuring a bunch of new and interesting elements. The map stands out with its emphasis on long-range gunfights and increased verticality, setting it apart from most other maps in the shooter. However, the most notable feature of Abyss is its deadly drop zones. One small misstep from a player can end up in them falling off the map, which is reminiscent of the map ‘Vertigo’ from Counter-Strike.

While you won’t have to ask your teammates to run-boost you from T-spawn to B-site in Abyss, there are a couple of skill jumps throughout the map that you’ll need to learn if you’re looking to master this map. While most of these skill jumps in Abyss can be performed by the average player, you can expect to see even the seasoned pros mess them up in the heat of battle. 

The skill jump from A-Site to A-Main is one of the toughest

Falling To Your Death in Valorant Abyss

While failing a skill jump is a quick way to test out gravity’s dedication, there are plenty of other situations where you’ll find yourself falling to your death in the new Valorant map Abyss. Some of the most common instances might involve forced movement utility, like Astra’s pull or Breach’s ultimate.

As the map stands right now, all you need to do to push someone off the map is plant the Spike near the edge, wait for a Defender to defuse, and blast them with a Breach ult.

Abyss also introduces a new layer of complexity into certain aspects of the game like denying your enemies extra weapons during anti-eco rounds and resurrecting other players as a Sage. If a player dies when near the edge of the map, they are likely to take their weapon with them as they fall out of bounds. Similarly, a Valorant dev has confirmed that if a player (or their body) falls out of the map, they cannot be resurrected by a Sage at all.

Valorant Abyss: Layout, Bombsites, & Minimap

Like most other maps in the game, Abyss has two bombsites and a middle area. The initial look at all three sections reveals plenty of room for long-range gunfights, which is why Agents who are proficient with the Operator might be predominant in the competitive meta. A lot of emphasis has been placed on mid-control, as securing the bombsites becomes significantly more challenging without a presence in mid.

Below, we have attached the detailed minimap of Abyss that you can take a look at right away:

Valorant Abyss minimap
Valorant Abyss minimap

Valorant Abyss: Release Date

Riot Games has officially confirmed that Abyss will be available to play on live servers with the release of patch 8.11. Valorant fans can mark their calendars for the update, expected to drop around June 11, 2024.

Check out the official map trailer of Abyss below:

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