Deathmatch Mode for Valorant is Now LIVE!

The FFA deathmatch mode is still in its beta stage.

Photo: Wardell

In the latest VALORANT patch 1.05, Riot has introduced a free-for-all 10-player deathmatch mode for their competitive shooter which the players have been demanding for quite some time. The much-anticipated game mode was still under testing till now, but Riot has finally made the FFA Deathmatch live on American servers, while the rest of the world still has to wait a few more hours to enjoy the new mode.

The Deathmatch mode features a free-for-all game of 10 players where the first player to reach 30 kills wins. The time limit for each game is set to 6 minutes, but the game ends whenever a player reaches the 30-kill limit.

At the start of each game, the players are assigned to a random agent among the ones they already own. However, the agents can’t use any of their abilities.

Weapons can be bought at will, and Heavy Armor is automatically given to every player at the time of spawn.

Killing an enemy in this game mode drops health kits which, when picked up, gives full health and armor to the players while also reloading their weapons with full ammo.

The locations of all players are also periodically revealed on the minimap.

This new game mode is set to provide a stress-free environment for players to practice the game while also enabling them to refine their skills and develop their aim before hopping onto a ranked game of VALORANT.

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