CSGO Pro Shows Middle Finger to Opponent, Proceeds to Lose 0-2

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Trash talking and flaming is not new thing in the world of esports. And CSGO, being one of the biggest competitive shooters out there, is no stranger to it either

While flaming your opponents can come in many forms, a recent incident that happened during the Tipsport Cup Prague CSGO tournament is rapidly gaining traction in the community.

During a heated match between Entropiq Prague and Bad News Eagles, Josef “MoriiSko” Maurenc, who’s a member of the former team, chose a rather hilarious way to flame his opponents.

As the camera flashed on the Team Entropiq Prague roster during the group stage match, the CSGO pro flipped the middle finger towards his opponents while directly staring at the camera. 

This “unsportsmanlike” behavior was followed by an immediate apology from Team Entropiq on Twitter

“We are leading our players to certain standards, that haven’t been met during our last match,” the org said in a statement. “We would like to apologize for our unsportsmanlike conduct.”

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Following the incident, Entropiq Prague proceeded to lose the decider game 0-2 to Bad News Eagles. The latter will be competing in the upcoming playoffs which kicks off on September 17.

At the time of writing, Tipsport Cup Prague organizers haven’t made any comment on the incident. This likely means that MoriiSko won’t be receiving any form of suspension. 

It’s important to mention that flipping a middle finger to your opponent isn’t exactly against the rules of most CSGO tournaments. However, this can count as unsportsmanlike behavior, which is often frowned upon by tournament organizers. 

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