CSGO Major 2023 Will Be Hosted By BLAST: Report

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It seems that the CSGO community’s requests have finally been heard, as BLAST is reportedly hosting the first CSGO major of 2023 in France. 

According to a recent report from Dexerto, tournament organizers BLAST will be hosting their first CSGO major next year in France. 

While the exact venue or city hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, the report states that Paris will likely be the “first priority” of BLAST to host the heavily anticipated upcoming CSGO major.

Alongside being the first major to be hosted by BLAST, the 2023 spring major is also set to be the first CSGO major to be hosted in France. 

The Valve-sponsored event will follow the 2022 Fall Major that will be organized in Rio De Janeiro later this year. 

Faze Winning CSGO Major PGL Antwerp 2022

BLAST has always been a fan-favorite tournament organizer in the world of competitive CS. In the past, we have seen the Danish company host several big CSGO events, but none of which have been a major.

BLAST has also received continual praises from viewers due to their high production and broadcast quality of CSGO tournaments.

It goes without saying that CSGO fans throughout the globe will be eagerly looking forward to seeing BLAST hold their first CSGO major in 2023.

The specific dates for the 2023 Spring Major haven’t been confirmed as of yet, but CSGO fans can expect to see this major taking place in the month of May, 2023.

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