Valorant Open Tour France: All you need to know

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Valorant Open Tour France has been announced by Riot, a series of four tournaments to be held across the entire 2021. and Webedia have collaborated with Riot Games to ship a brand new series of tournaments, named VALORANT Open Tour France. Consisting of a total of four tournaments, they have been scheduled to take place in France all over 2021.

Valorant Open Tour France details

  • Registration opens: April 2021
  • Prize Pool: €50,000

This initiative will witness the French teams lock horns in a bid to clinch a lion’s share from the total cash prize of €50,000. The first three tournaments will act as qualifier events and would lock the fate of the teams competing all the way to the Grand Finale tournament, to be held on LAN.

First Qualifying Tournament

  • Start Date: 8th May 2021
  • End Date: 23rd May 2021
  • Number of Teams: 128

 The top three teams will earn a spot in the finals.

Second Qualifying Tournament

  • Start Date: 24th June 2021
  • End Date: 4th July 2021
  • Number of Teams: 128

The top three teams will earn a spot in the finals.

Third Qualifying Tournament

  • Start Date: 23rd October 2021
  • End Date: 31st October 2021
  • Number of Teams: 256

The top two teams will earn a spot in the finals.

Final Tournament

  • Start Date: 13th November 2021
  • End Date: 20th November 2021
  • Number of Teams: 8

You can catch the teams playing live on Mandatory’s Twitch Channel.

Schedule credits: GameRiv and

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