New Valorant Patch 2.05 Improves AFK Detection, Chat Penalties, and More

New Valorant Patch 2.05 Improves AFK Detection, Chat Penalties, and More

The patch notes for Valorant 2.05 have officially been revealed by Riot Games, and it aims to bring players to their best behavior.

Toxicity is no new thing in the world of multiplayer video games, and Valorant, being one of the greatest shooters of this decade so far, is no exception to this age-old problem.

To keep the number of griefers and abusers in check, Riot Games has revamped their reporting system in the past to improve its efficiency while handling toxic players and cheaters. However, a good portion of such players still go unpunished.

Luckily, it seems like patch 2.05 will make it even more difficult for abusers to get away with throwing inappropriate remarks at others in-game.

Some of these upcoming changes in 2.05 include an introduction of progressive penalties for chat-based offences, which means that players who are repeatedly reported for abusive behavior will remain banned from participating in text or voice chat.

This synergizes perfectly with another upcoming feature that will prevent chat-restricted players from participating in ranked queues. To put it simply, moving forwards, toxic players will have a tough time queuing for ranked unless they put an end to their behavior.

Needless to say, these changes will result in creating a better competitive environment for players to enjoy Valorant regardless of their skill level.

Other than the above-mentioned changes, Valorant patch 2.05 also introduces custom keybinds for Sova and Astra to control their Owl Drone and Astral Form respectively.

You can take a look at the detailed patch notes of Valorant 2.05 here.